Strange Grounds Coffee, 1417 South Broadway, Denver CO 80201 | Live Acoustic music on the regular!

"best damned chai I've ever had®"

-Strange Grounds

A meeting space for creative expression,
An unending source of inspiration, and
a thriving collaborative community.

Strange Grounds is a creativity and innovation engine located right in the heart of Denver.

Strange Grounds

1417 South Broadway, Denver CO 80210
(303) 733-7600
Open 11ish till late

"Amazing chai!"


"Best. Chai. Ever."

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"Great venue!"


"Best chai in Denver"


"My new favorite"


Strange Grounds is a locally owned coffeehouse specializing in homemade chai and pastries, herbal teas, coffee and espresso right in the heart of Antique Row.

Established November 11, 2011 - Open since May 7, 2012

Strange Grounds features live acoustic music, acoustic jam sessions, open mics, song circles, study sessions, meetup groups, business presentations, parties, and a yoga class every Sunday before lunch. We're frequently called a home away from home; the comfort of your living room and the creative supplies of a hackerspace come together within a creative community aligned towards music and the arts while fueled by expression and caffeine.

Inside our space you'll find books, local artwork, musical instruments, puzzles, colored pencils, crayons, paints, yarn, pastels, board games, cozy couches, a typewriter, so many musical instruments, people playing musical instruments, artists painting, comic book artists sketching and inking, poets writing, philosophers waxing poetic, and definitely more people playing music.

Strange Grounds makes the best damned chai you've ever had, and one strong ass cup of wake the fuck up.
"That's the best damned chai I've ever had in my life!"

Try the chai!

It's our special tea

Live Music, Thriving Nightlife

  • What genres of music are performed at Strange Grounds?

    Our performances and jams focus on acoustic folk, bluegrass, jazz, swing jazz, gypsy jazz, and avant-garde, though we have also had country, blues, folk rock, indie rock, a capella, and some interesting experimental performers. Some of our most favorite moments happen outside of regularly scheduled events when musicians come together organically and jam out together - people make beautiful music at Strange Grounds all the time!

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